Hamlet Essay

In William Shakespeare'sHamlet the madness took a real and fake effect on the play.The tragedy was based on emotions that Hamlet really did feel, and fake emotions that his character portrayed.His feeling atfirst were emotions he did not really feel, then later came the real emotions.Then there are similarities in the real and fake emotions of madness in the play.
The fake madness that Hamlet showed was when he acted as if he was going insane because of the murder of his father.He probably felt sadness because of the death, but for him to ask as if he was crazy was probably because of the feelings he felt towards his uncle.His uncle killed his father by putting poison in his ear.And when King Hamlet's ghost came back to tell hamlet that his uncle did it, he plotted on how he could get his uncle back.He thought that by acting crazy it would help get his revenge.
The realistic feelings that Hamlet felt was his love for Ophelia.His love overcame many obstacles he had to face.Hamlet had to deal with Ophelia's father hating him.The hate her father had for him was because of the circumstances.Circumstances meaning that he thought all Hamlet wanted was sex from his daughter.Then later when Ophelia drowned, Hamlet realized that he did love her. He didn't realize what he had until it was gone.
Emotions are hard to determine if you feel differently about different circumstances.The fake emotions he showed were usually the feelings he did not want to let out.He did not want to be sadabout his fathers death he wanted his mother and uncle to feel remorse.The real emotions he felt were good emotions for Ophelia.He loved her so much and he showed that.I feel the real emotions showed more about his real personality than the fake emotions.
In conclusion, I feel that Hamlet should not of acted crazy he should of acted the wayhe felt.When he showed his love for Ophelia it ma


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