Hamlet: Act One Scene One

Act one scene one of Hamlet finds two guards establishing the identities of each other.Thefirst guard, Barnardo is attempting to discern the whereabouts of Francisco, who is on duty, guarding the castle.After they both have discerned the otheri??s identity, Francisco is relieved by Barnardo.Before Francisco leaves the scene, Barnardo asks him to keep an eye open for an additional guard, Marcellus, and Horatio as they are both supposed to be keeping him company.What he does not tell Francisco is the reason why he wishes them to i??make hastei??. Marcellus and Horatio arrive before Francisco takes his leave and Barnardo is happy to see them both.
Marcellus and Barnardo have stood guard together the previous two evenings and both swear that an apparition has appeared to them during those duties. Marcellus states that i??Horatio says i??tis but our fantasy and will not let belief take hold of him touching this dreaded sighti?? which shows that Horatio does not believe their story, and that the apparition is not something that either wishes to see againi??.i??i??Horatio initially scoffs at such stories, but quickly changes his mind when the ghost appears.When the ghost appears to them, Horatio is fearful stating, i??it harrows me with fear and wonderi??.The other two men urge Horatio to speak to the apparition, and he does attempt to do so.But the ghost leaves.
Horatio says that the ghost resembles the deceased King Hamlet and that perhaps it is an omen of darkness in regards to Norway and its people.The ghost is further described as i??harrowing (scary)i??and being of i??fair and warlike formi??.

The apparition is also described as being i??in the same figure, like the king that’s deadi?? and that he was wearing the same armour as i??he had on when he the ambitious Norway combatedi?? and that the King had the same angry countenance described as i??so …

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