H.L. Mencken

In order to have an opinion regarding the controversial views of artist and their work; one must come to terms with the meaning of art. Art is abstract, it involves the ordinary and entwining it into a creation of many dimensions. Art is creativity, expression, rebirth and a state of mind. There is no one concrete definition for this subject. For what one person considers art may not be the same perspective of another individual. Art is varied according to the artist and the public it is intended for. In all art like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Many variations of creations are sheltered under the category of art. With each creation being precious and unique in it's own manner.
Keeping in mind the idea that art has branched categories, H.L Mencken's views on artist relationship towards society are valid to a certain degree. Mencken's theory states that an artist of any dignity is against his country; and in a reciprocal manner his country is against him.Not only does Mencken state what artist of dignity are, he also goes on to define them. “Artist have special qualities that break them apart from the rest of us.” Artist have an “extraordinary capacity for irritation, a pathological sensitivity that separates them from the rest. Mencken obviously believes that artist have a sort of sixth sense. A sense for appreciation of affect, cause and self-perseverance. Mencken describes the thoughts of these creators as minds that are able to see outside the ordinary.
In today's society Mencken's theory has specks of truth in it. Mencken's views seem to glorify these talented individuals, althoughthat may not always be case. There are artist today who do care more about the humanitarian effect on people than being patriotic. For example, after September 11, the United States saw the gathering of many artist to pay tribute to the families of those who passed away. It wasn't as much the


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