Guitars have become a common household term and object.With the guitar's increasing popularity it would be prudent for citizens to understand what a guitar is, where guitars came from, and why it would be beneficial for them to own a guitar.
Galpin Society Journal estimates that in 1999 money spent on guitars numbered over 150 million dollars.The journal projects that over 1,000,000 guitars were purchased by consumers so there are literally hundreds of thousands of guitars in circulation right here in Iowa and all across the United States of America.
I personally, have played guitar for nearly four years.In this time I have really come to appreciate guitars and I enjoy acquiring further knowledge on this subject.
Now lets take an in depth look at the guitar which has become an integral part of American Culutre.
First lets rock and roll through some basic facts about guitars
Troy Lennon of the Daily Telegraph newspaper of Sydney, Austraia defines the guitar as any stringed instrument designed to be held in the arms and plucked or strummed.
Guitars Can be many different things.There are hundreds of variations of the guitar in unique and diverse styles.
It is widely believed that the guitar as we know it may have originated from an instrument the invading Moors brought to Europe in the 8th century.It developed into the instrument we think of during the 15th and 16th centuries and eventually brought to North America.Guitars were used in a variety of ways and were frequently found in the possession of traveling minstrels throughout Europe.
A typical guitar has six or 12 strings.Bass guitars have 4-6 strings usually.This is a bass guitar and as you can see it has five strings.
The beloved stringed instruments are fairly simple in design it is interesting to see how guitars have developed throughout time.
Now that we've established what a guitar is and where it came from lets shred t


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