Guilds: Crafting of Fine Statuary

I am a member of the Milan guild that specializes in crafting fine
statuary.In the year 1567 my assistants and I created several sculpted
screens for a wealthy patron for the purpose to be placed in or outside
cathedrals.The entire town for their great beauty and new earthiness that
The sculpted screens depict many smiling angels.We have them sculpted
from marble, ivory, and wood, although we have been told that the marble
screens are more lovely and striking.Some of the screens are small enough
to be used as plaques and others are tall and narrow, which appear more
like panels.The taller panels are divided across the center to reveal one
scene in the top half of the panel and a separate scene in the bottom half.
All of the screens are lacy and ornate.They are also original but most
of them depict religious scenes that are appropriate for cathedrals.
The screens display scenes with angels, which are very charming and add
tremendous appeal to cathedrals.These statues are very lifelike and
natural in their appearance.Some of the angels are holding babies while a
smiling cherub accompanies others.The edges of these screens are trimmed
with vines, tendrils, and leaves.There are also screens that depict the
scenes of the birth of Christ, the Passion, and Resurrection, which are
striking in their manner.Stories from Genesis and the fall of man are
also displayed in some of our screens.We also have one screen set that
depicts the last judgment, which is displayed over three screens.These
diverse screens can be placed together as a group to display the life of
Christ or they may also be used separately near the altar or the choir for


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