Greek temples

What is art history? Art history is the study of history of the visual arts. Like history, art went though its many transitional phases. It emerged from abstract stick figures to natural and realistic pictures of people, animals, and nature. One of the greatest cultures that arose that embodied the true form of the human body in its most natural form was the Greeks. Greek art also had its transitions. It started as a geometric style, from many influences grew into a more oriental style, then arose the archaic style andthe classical style and lastly the Hellenistic style. Other than the multitude of sculptors the Greeks produced they are also known for their Temples.
The Greeks like other ancient cultures thought of temples as houses for the Gods. Greek temples no matter how glamorous were built in the post and lintel form like the Celtic megalithic statues Stone Hinge. The Greek temple designs it self came from the megaron plan from the Mycenaean palaces. The megaron has a great example of a portico in it. A Portico is a rectangular room with front porch. To further explain, a portico is simply a porch or a walkway with a roof supported by columns that lead to the entrance of a building. Greek temples were made in three different styles. Thefirst and the oldest style was the Doric style. It is the name for the Dorian's, who lived on the mainland. Another style was the Ionic style, which was named after the Ionians who lived on the Ionian Islands. The ionic style elegance results from taller, thinner, curvilinear elements and surface decoration. The last style was the Corinthian style which, was distinguished by it leaf design.
Big difference from Greek temples was that it was made with human scale unlike Egyptian temples which were huge and overpowering. In Greece the columns in the temples were placed on the outside and formed a wall of columns separate from the naos, or the inner sanctuary. Temples with these qualities…


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