Greek Relief

In general, art is meant to convey the sentiments of a time, and it is obvious that these two pieces are trying to illustrate the epitome of femininity, as designated by Greek community.Both are relief about a woman and both are made at about same time period in 5th century B.C.Marble grave stele of a little girl with doves describes a girl holding two doves saying farewell too them.One can see the sorrow in her eyes as she looks down at the bird saying farewell.Second relief marble relief with a dancing maenad shows a maenad almost in hypnotic status. We also see sorrow in her eyes as she looks down at the floor dancing to some music.Both pictures involve women and both of them are looking down in sorrow.I think the marble grave stele of a little girl with doves main theme could be that it was hard as a girl to live to happily and to the fullest due to the society??s view on women. Similarly, in marble relief with a dancing maenad, the main theme could be that being a women, doing whatever men wanted them to do, women in general was not satisfied of their status in society. In one word, I believe both statues?? main theme is the unfairness and injustice toward women in those times.
Marble Grave Stele of a little girl with doves is most likely a symbolic relief. The girl in the relief is holding the doves so dearly not wanting to let them go, but sad because she has no other choice. In ancient Greece, women were not allowed to participate in or even watch the Olympic Games, as the participants did not wear clothes. They did not have voting rights, and only left home to perform religious duties. Olympic Games ceremony closes with the release of doves, symbolizing the spirit of the games. The doves in relief probably have the same meaning as the spirit of the games.The relief tries to show how a woman had to give up attending and competing in Olympics because she was a woman and felt so sorrow.


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