Greek and Latin Elements

When given an assignment to make-up a word for a Latin Elements class, one would think that the assignment could be very stressful.When sitting down and trying to accomplish it, you can see it is fun and enjoyable.
The word Propassible is a word that you will not see in the English Dictionary, for is one that was put together, based on real life experiences.The word Propassible means to be able to endure.Its etymological history is as follows.The prefix, Pro comes from the Latin word Pro.The base, pass, comes from the Latin word Passus.The suffix, which is ible, comes from the Latin word.The meanings of these elements are as follows: The base Pro means to be for something.The base pass means to endure or suffer.The Suffix ible means to be able to.
There are many ways in which this word may be used in context.It can be used when describing someone that was able to go through life, getting passed a lot of things that life gave to them, such as dealing with Cancer.This is a great word to be used when describing someone having an illness and that person being able to deal with it. When somebody is diagnosed with an illness, one that is also treatable, although they know and realize that they will be OK. They also must know that there are boundaries that they are going to have to go through before they get well again.So you can see how this word can tie into everyday life.It's obvious where this word may not be able to be used.In cases where someone that goes through a traumatic time, but at the same time, all that one did was complain and give off negative energy based on whatever it was that they were going through at the time.
There are many sentences that may be looked at in which you are able to see the word in context.One would be: Susan became a very propassible person after her illness.You are able to see in this sentence how the word, is being used.For one, it doesn't sound…


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