Great Expectations

Exploring Dickens?f life experiences and social background, I learnt more about the complex figure Pip, the protagonist of Dickens?f novel Great Expectations. It may be said with immature, romantic idealism and innately good conscience that the popularity of this novel owes greatly to this character through his unusual grown experiences, exactly as Dickens himself did. It is an unfailing masterpiece, for Dickens?f skillful writing by symbolic use, the brilliant irony, and the sustained theme.
Charles Dickens, Great Expectations, Pip, protagonist, narrator, idealism, conscience, symbolic, bildungsroman, self-improvement
Charles Dickens’s acknowledged masterpiece, Great Expectations, is rightly considered one of the greatest novels of all-time. Charles Dickens was born on February 7, 1812, and spent thefirst nine years of his life living in the coastal regions of Kent, a county in southeast England. Dickens?fs father, John, was a clerk in a navy pay office. He was kind and likable man, but he did not know how to take care of his financial situation and always ran into pecuniary troubles. When Dickens was nine, his family moved to London. When he was twelve, his father was arrested and taken to debtors?f prison. Dickens?fs mother moved his seven brothers and sisters into prison with their father, but she arranged for the young Charles to live alone outside the prison and work with other children pasting labels on bottles in a blacking warehouse . Dickens found the three months he spent apart from his family highly traumatic. Not only was the job itself miserable, but he considered himself too good for it, earning the contempt of the other children. After his father was released from prison, Dickens returned to school. He eventually became a law clerk, then a court reporter, and finally a novelist. Hisfirst novel, The Pickwick Papers, became a huge popular success when Dickens was only twenty-five. He published extensively a…


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