Graffiti comes from the verb “graffiare”, which means to
engrave or design on solid surfaces.
Some artists believe that graffiti started in an ancient time when
people had no formal way of communicating verbally and drew
pictures on the wall representing actions. Other then that most graffiti
artists believe that graffiti hadfirst started around the 60’s. In the
sixties people tagged there names on building walls, tunnels, and any
place were a lot of people will see it. People also used graffiti to
mark territorial spots for gangs and cultural groups.
As years went by more people were following the bad example
of others and more people were getting into it. Instead of most tags
relating to gangs or cultural groups more individuals were tagging
for a rush.As more people were tagging towns and cities
were becoming filled with graffiti. Individuals usually had a
specific word or term in which that they tagged every time. The
individual would try to get that tag in as many places as possible to
In todays style there are many different terms that are for all
The most usually seen tags are called scribbles and they are a
form of writing a your tag in a very cool looking style.
Another common type of tagging is called a throwup and it is
usually done with a couple colors and some highlights and
background. it usually takes people around ten to twenty minutes to

The last type of tagging is called a “peice” short for
masterpeice. This type of tagging are beatiful peices with many colors
and backgounds and all types of shading and coloring.

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