Grace Dawson Artist or Pornographer

Grace Dawson: Artist or Pornographer?
Mountmonk College has always held very high standards for students and staff.
Mountmonk likes to consider themselves better than the "other" schools at maintaining
principles of traditional values as the alumni has done in the past.As the school nears
its alumni weekend, we must take into consideration these values, as well as changes
in the times as we decide about use of the auditorium for the weekend.Last semester
there was an art contest held for the students.All ribbon winning art is scheduled to be
displayed in the auditorium during the alumni weekend.One of our students, Grace
Dawson, is a photographer and is planning to show one of her photographs in the
auditorium over the weekend.Her photograph is of a naked woman kneeling on the
ground with a man in a suit kicking her while a naked man watches.We have
objections to the display of her art from both the Women's Center and the Director of
Alumni Relations .They feel her art is repugnant due to its explicit sexual content and
fear that the alumni may withdraw contributions.
Grace Dawson argues in her own defense that her photograph is artwork and
should be exhibited.She entered this and several other photographs in the Student Art
Contest last semester and won a ribbon for "honorable mention." She feels that her art
deserves to be displayed with the rest of the ribbon winners.Grace Dawson has been
unfairly singled out.She insists that she has the right to free speech under the First
Amendment and her artwork is a form of protected speech.She should not be, and
cannot be, denied the right to freedom of expression even if her expressions are
Although we can immediately see that some of the alumni might be offended by
the nature of the photos, we must look beyond that to the bigger and more important


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