Goya’s Folly of the Carnival

Francisco de Goya has been called the father of modern art.He believed that the concept of artwork overpowered the need to cater to a particular style.Near the latter years of his life, he was made deaf from an illness that resulted in a grim and satirical view on life.Within his piece Folly of the Carnival, all these characteristics become evident.
Folly of the Carnival is an etching and aquatint carved sometime in the early 19th century.Although in black in white, the vivid colors of the figures costumes seem to pop out due to their detailed fabric and stylized poses.The pieced is bathed in a dark and gloomy atmosphere as onlookers in the background observe five men engaged in some sort of frenzy.An intense gaze between two figures moves us into the piece.With their eyes only inches apart, it creates a tension that can not be ignored.The background displays a dark and faded crowd staring as an audience at the spectacle before them.The viewer is then pulled in as one of those spectators.
The figures in the fore ground are standing in almost a photographic snapshot pose.They are caught in the midst of an action.The two figures in the center are standing with feet together and legs bent with almost perfect symmetry.While two figures on the most left side seem to be pulling the man back or possibly grabbing each others backsides.The left edge is activated as the left most figure is poring into the scene.The man an the right side is standing with observation atop a casting shadow that moves to the left.He stands isolated either in pause or rest from the action.A cloaked figure walks inattentively away from the scene.His silhouette casting boldly from the sky.Almost like in a brawl or drunken rage, a man lay on his back covered in a shroud of darkness also blending in with the spectators as if knocked out and no longer belonging to the mischief at hand.
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