It's Not Making a Goal, It's Raising the Bar
Many people accomplish tasks by making goals and working to achieve what they set out to do.I do not think of it like that.To me, Life is almost like the high jump: In order to go places, one must consistently raise the bar.In American History, My "bar" is at an area where I am comfortable with interpreting historical facts and writing essays based on primary and secondary sources.However, as said before, I must raise that bar this year to become a better historian, in the sense of interpreting and analyzing ideas, sources, and theories. For If I did not do this-raise the bar, what would be the point of having ambition?
This will not be an easy task.There are many factors which can inhibit my progress such as schools, sports, social life, family life, and so on…Probably the hardest thing for me will be staying focused in History, because to be honest, it is not my favorite subject.However, I will achieve my goal by listening, practicing, and thinking.My teacher, I feel, will be the biggest factor in my progress as a historian.By introducing new and innovative ideas to history and by making it fun, while helping me, I feel my focus will constantly be enhanced, thus making me want to work harder.Other resources such as the Internet and libraries can help me too, by introducing many documents which will most likely interest me.In six weeks time, I will probably have just written an essay that must be comprised of primary and secondary sources.I will take it and compare it to one from last year.Only then will I see if I truly have become a better historian.
In addition with raising the bar mentally, I also want to raise the bar physically for myself.Up until now I have gotten myself in reasonable shape.This new raising of the bar will be to not only lose weight, but more importantly lose body fat and have a better physique and cardiovas…


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