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Cindy Sherman-Post Modern Artist
Cindy Sherman is one of the most famous photographers in the world. She challenges the notions of femininity, but not a feminist.
Sherman is the youngest child in her family. She was born in January 19th of 1954. She was an only child grew up in her family because her older siblings had left. She was a lonely girl in her childhood.
TV was a major influence during her growing up life. When she was young, she liked to dress-ups to be another people.
Sherman wanted to study art at school, and the particular one she wanted to learn was painting, but her mother suggested her to be an art teacher and parents won't let her study in New York because that place was very dangerous in the 70's. As her decision of art and her braveness, she went to State University College in Buffalo in 1972.
Unfortunately, Cindy Sherman failed her compulsory photography component of her course because she could not understand the technical aspects. She must pass the photography subject and then she could pass her Bachelor of Arts. At that difficult time, there was a lecturer (Barbara Jo Revelle) told her that techniques not important, the idea is important.
In 1974, Cindy Sherman met a painter who was named Robert Longo and starts a relationship. At that time, Sherman began to collect'detritus' from Thrift shops and started to think who would wear these things. This man effect Cindy Sherman's art life and he also suggested her to record Untitled A-E in exhibition.
Movies, dramatic, posturing of silent films, nostalgic films,'nostalgic films' Cutouts all effected Cindy Sherman's art work. Thefirst year in her success journey was very hard, but a breakthrough occurs, she was invited to David Salle's studio with Longo. Sherman was fascinated by some old photos which remind her of an idea she has been thinking about. After that, she began herfirst new work in New York is U…


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