Glass Menagerie

The reason the Unicorn is a symbol in the play, is to represent Laura and the fact that she feels different just like the Unicorn.In her eyes the unicorn even with its differences from the other horses is accepted.She relates with this, because it differs from her experiences in high school where she did not feel as though she fit in.
Jim states that he remembered her being late to class and she says, "Yes it was so hard for me getting upstairs, I had that brace on my leg-it clumped so loud! Jim responds, "I never heard any clumping." (249) This is just one example of how she over exaggerates her leg brace.She isolated herself from everyone because she was so self-conscious about her leg brace.
Her mother Amanda does not help her overcome the feeling that she is different from everyone else.She makes Laura feel inadequate and that she will never be able to fit into society.I don't think that Amanda does this on purpose, or even realizes she is doing it.I say this, because she is constantly checking on Laura and telling her what to do.
An example of this is when she comes home from her D.A.R. meeting and Laura asks her how her meeting went and her mother tells her "No No I did not have the strength to go to D.A.R. In fact, I did not have the courage! I wanted to find a hole in the ground and hide myself in it forever!"Then she tells Laura she went to the college to see if she was making any progress and learned that she quit.Laura told her that she got so upset on thefirst day that she threw up and cold not face anyone in that class again.Amanda then goes into this long saga about her becoming a spinster who was going to end up living off others.This does not help Laura's esteem at all this only makes her feelings about herself stronger.
Learning that Laura quit school brings Amanda to the conclusion that Laura must find a husband.She solicits Tom's help to complete this ta…


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