Renaissance period was when the most brilliant ideas of art were discovered and invented. During this time, many talents were shown and new techniques in drawing were introduced. Before Girogionesque style was developed most painters liked to focus on the defining the shapes and the object matter, which most of the time was human figure. However, Giorgione got out of the old style and developed his down new method using light. Giorgione's use of light in his drawing brought a whole different perspective in the history of art.
Giorgio Barbarelli, also known as Giorgione, was born in a town 30km northwest from Venice called Castelfranco, in 1477. When he moved to Venice, he worked for the patron, specializing in cabinet pictures. He also studied art under Giovanni Bellini (1430?-1516) with Titian, where he mostly start to develop his skills and techniques from. Giorgione. Throughout his 30 years, he earned name nicknames such as Zorgo, Zorgi da Castelfranco, and Big George, which he got it because of his big physical appearance.After living for short 33 years, he died on October 1510 in Venice due to an unfortunate plague.
Giorgione, one of the "modern" art founders, had made a formative influence in the 16thcentury Venetian painting. When hefirst started to paint he mainly loved to paint frescos, under the teaching of Giovanni Bellini. Giorgione made one of the greatest accomplishments in art history, and that is use of light. He initiated a new style of painting as he used the skills of light and colour in his drawing to emphasize mood. The other painters at the time were interested in defining the objects in sharp manner and making preparatory drawing. However, Giorgione was more interested in drawing the picture with passion and emotion. He was a self-expressionist. Just by looking at the drawing you could tell what he was feeling as he drew. Also, Giorgione developed something called a'tonal painti


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