Georgia O’Keeffe

Georgia O;Keeffe was born on November 15, 1887. She was one of seven children. Georgia didn;t grow up with just her mom and dad; her aunt mostly raised her. Georgia did not care much for her aunt though; she once referred to her as, ;the headache of my life.; She did although have some respect for her aunt and her strict and self disciplines way of life. Georgia grew up spoiled; she did very little around the house and always wanted things her way. At a young age Georgia began taking private art lessons out of her home. This is when she learned exactly what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. When Georgia was in the eighth grade she told people, ;I am going to be an artist.; Just after that she entered the Sacred Heart Academy, which was an art school in Madison, Wisconsin. After her family moved and Georgia had attended many different schools a teacher named Elizabeth Willis encouraged her to work from home, where she could express herself more. In 1905 Georgia receiv!
ed her diploma and moved to Chicago to live her aunt and attend the Art Institute of Chicago, for only one year though. In 1907 she enrolled at the Art Student League in New York City. Discouraged with her work, she did not return to the League in the fall of 1908, but moved back to Chicago and found work as a commercial artist. During this time Georgia didn;t like where she was and what she was doing once again and finally moved back home to her family in Virginia and enrolled at a nearby college. Georgia stayed here for almost three years. In 1912 a friend in Texas wrote to her explaining of a teaching position for a drawing supervisor. Georgia applied and was hired. Georgia only stayed in Texas for two years, she then moved back to New York City to attend Columbia Teachers College until accepting a teaching position at Columbia College in South Carolina. Here is where her painting began to increase, and she began to paint …


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