Genuine dialogue

Living life in relation to God and to others has profoundly influenced anyone who is interested in interpersonal encounters. But really, how does one relate to God? How does on relate to other people and to nature? Much of the basis of studying these encounters as a quality of human interaction, as genuine dialogue, has its foundation with the philosophy of Genuine Dialogue, which we attribute to Martin Buber.
In seeking to understand the essence of interpersonal encounters, we mustfirst establish two fundamentally different relations: the I – object relation and the genuine dialogue or interhuman relation. An I – Object relation is the normal everyday relation of a human being towards nature and the things surrounding him. Man can also consider his fellows as an object and that is what he does most of the time, he views the other from a distance, like a thing, a part of the environment, forged into chains of cause and effect relationships. Radically different from this is genuine dialogue or interhuman relation. The human being enters into this encounter with his innermost and whole being, in a meeting; in a real dialogue this is what both of the partners do. There exists a definite relationship between the physical body and the "I" of both individuals engaged in genuine dialogue.
The I – Object relationship is seemingly non – interpersonal. This type of relationship is characterized by the objectification and control of nature and people. The “I” in this relationship seeks to acquire and possess as much as it can and perceives itself as being an individual, who is set over against the subjects of its perception. But this “I” pays a price for such selfishness and will to dominate because it is isolated and alienated from the source of life. It is personified in acts like seeming, speechifying and imposition. It proceeds from how one wishes to appear and is concerned with the impression, which on…


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