gender and media

Nowadays, advertisements cannot be separated from our daily live. Our consuming behaviour is closely affected by these advertisements. From the process of consumption, we can fulfil our desires and the pleasure of consumption as well. To increase the sales of the products, a successful advertising strategy is very important.Due to commercialism, advertisers differentiate their products with different advertising approaches, in different target audience.In this paper, I will focus on advertising approaches commonly appeared in Hong Kong woman's magazine (Cosmopolitan).Through the analysis of them, I try to find out the binary division of gender roles in the specific approach. Stereotype of gender, here is defined as a set of inaccurate, simplistic generalizations about groups of individuals. Also, the binary division of gender induces different approaches of advertising, such as romance, autonomy and sexual approaches.In this paper, I would focus on the category of advertisement target on Female consumers in woman's magazine.
The advertisement (refer to Green post-it 1) is also an advertisement of a jewellery chain store that is called Chow Tai Fok. There is one lady and three men in this advertisement, the lady with larger size displays on the left hand side whereas the man with smaller size displays on the right hand side. Those men hold a bunch of flowers and want to touch the woman whereas she points out her body figure without any facial expression at a diamond ring on her finger. Those men look at the woman with an admire scene. Meanwhile, the advertising background focuses on a lady in the middle class. Using the concept of courtship can address their group. The advertisement is vague setting with dark environment. The woman, who has stood in the middle of the men, by showing her powerful. In addition, female is meddlesome, for instance, the woman like to put her finger on her body while other people around …


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