Developing a vegetable garden in the grounds of the school
It has been a known issue for many years of how Eating Healthy has been an important topic and issue within the curriculum in the society and at Berala Public School. The school believes children should become aware of the health hazards that surround them, for example in the play ground area and what the children are eating.
Nalenshon A, believes (www.empoweredparent', Parents are largely responsible for shaping a child's body image and eating lifestyle.
Parental family participation within the school setting could encourage the knowledge of the families, community, staff regarding health hazards such as Healthy Eating.Family and staff participation in implementing a vegetable garden will encourage the co-operation and particpation in the school environment and their responsibility by enhancing the vegetable garden is well maintained and looked after now and in the near future. The school is very spacious and has lot's of shading and sunny areas outdoor and has lots of tree's scattered in the playground and implementing a vegetable garden will build an interest of what is planted.
The year 2 class in term 3 (while I am on placement) will be undertaking the growing unit of science and technology k-6 that has been planned for the classes early in term 2. Therefore developing a vegetable garden in relation with the staff and family participation will link very well with this unit. This will fit in to the school's canteen policy and values. For example, in the policy it is said the canteen is a vital part of the school that will reinforce the student's, and family's education, health and nutrition by providing a balance and nutritious food and beverage service to all the stakeholders of the school community.Therefore by integrating the veget


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