Are gangs in the prisons related to the gangs outside in the real world?The answer to this question you'll realize it as soon as you read this research paper.Through out the research, I learn a lot about gangs and their lives a gang members life completely changes once they become a member. I will describe gangs in the prison system and focus on one gang that is in the real world and how they are affiliated with the gangs in prison system.
New York City's biggest street gang is the Neta Association.This gang began in Puerto Rico.In 1979, in Puerto Rico, an inmate of a prison called La Princesa started a movement that is known today as Neta Association.This inmate was known as Carlos Torres Irrate or Carlos "La Sombra" (The Shadow).The movement was allegedly started to protect the rights of inmates from the injustices perpetrated by the prison administration and other stronger inmates.
Later in 1979,Carlos Torres Irriarte was transferred to a prison in Rio Piedras, P.R.,known as Del Presidio.His movement was rapidly growing and he caught the attention of other rival groups within the prison.On group, called Group 27, saw Irriarte and his movement as particular enemies.On March 30th, 1981, members of Group 27 cornered Irriarte in the basketball court of the prison and shot him with a 25 caliber handgun.While on the floor, the members of Group 27 stabbed Irriarte repeatedly.
Irriarte's death made him a martyr in the eyes of his followers.They vowed revenge on their enemies and to continue the association… the Neta Association.
The modern day members of the Neta Association, professes Unity, Peace, Harmony, Education and Respect.These, are the virtues that each member must follow.While some members of the Neta Association, or Netas as they are called, seem to live a law-abiding lifestyle, the majority are not!
Most members of Netas have arrest records and became involve…


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