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"Even the most powerful cannot rule without
the cooperation of the rule."M. Gandhi
This statement is telling all of India that only through submission will they continue to be under Great Britain's rule.The statement itself seems so simple, but if you consider the consequences you then realize how powerful the statement really is.Gandhi is telling all of India that they are responsible for allowing Britain to continue as rulers.Every time they adhere to Britain's law they are accepting Britain's rule.What makes the statement even more powerful is the understanding that Gandhi wanted the people to peacefully refuse to cooperate.To refuse to comply with Britain's law without retaliation of any kind.This is why the statement is so powerful, and I agree with it.
Can you imagine going to war with someone without any type of weapons or ammunition?This is exactly what Gandhi wanted, no expected, the people of India to do.He knew that India could never hope to win back their country by using violence.Britain was too powerful and had too many soldiers that were trained for war.Gandhi also did not believe in violence for any reason.His main goal was to win back their country through peaceful means, even if he had to die to achieve the victory.When you think about Gandhi's achievement of convincing a whole country to fight by not submitting to laws set forth by Britain through peaceful means, is just astounding.
It is impossible to rule anything or anyone without them allowing you to do it.Gandhi was trying to make all of India understand that without their cooperation, there were no rulers.His biggest challenge was to get the people to agree to do this without any use of violence.It was extremely hard for the people to comprehend that they were to accept whatever punishment the British would d


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