Galeries of Paris

At the start or the academic year I attended a study trip to Paris where we visited some of the famous galleries and sights of the capital. As a part of our contextual studies we asked to produce a essay on a exhibition or a gallery of witch seen during the study trip. I have decided to look at two of the famous galleries of the capital witch are the Pompidou and the Muse d’Orsay. I am intending to look at the differences between the buildings and the work that is displayed within. I intend to do this because I find the differences interesting.
I am looking at the comparison between the both buildings at two different levels at the simplest level I find it very interesting the way that the both galleries are similar in the way that hold pieces of art but they are both very different in the way that they have been built and designed. The Muse d’Orsay was originally a railway station and then got converted in to a art gallery. Therefore the building is very old and traditional and fits in next to the many other old and famous buildings in Paris, of witch the main feature is the tower clock witch is still there today. Whilst on the other hand the Pompidou is a new and modern building that includes many shapes and colours in the design of the building. This building is not very traditional and in my opinion dose not fit in against many of the old and traditional buildings in the capital. The Pompidou has sparked many debates about its daring and strange architecture. The comparison of the two buildings interests me because even though the Pompidou was accepted only slowly and with greatdifficulty into the rhythm of daily life in the area. But now, the metal and glass parallelepiped air ducts with stairwells stuck onto the outside has a unique central role in the capital. The number of people who visit the building daily is astounding, and for many years it was the most visited museum in Paris.
The other level that I am looking at t


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