Friends and Lovers By Eric Dickey

The main character in this play is Shelby a woman who usually falls for the wrong type, romantically linked to Tyrel, a promiscuous man.Also supporting characters are Debra, friend to Shelby, married to Leonard, friend to Tyrel.
The play itself seems to have been written in 1999 as a subsequent to the successful novel published in 1998.
The play was intended for an auditorium in which reaction from the audience can be easily heard and clearly interpreted serving as a soundstage for the emotional sequences.The audience was intended to be mostly African American as comedy and also situations in which the characters are faced with relate to this races stereotype and are more easily understood by those who fit within the general stereotype.
Shelby and Tyrel meet through their best friends. Leonard, a successful comedian, is Tyrel’s best friend since childhood. Debra, a nurse, is the same to Shelby. Leonard and Debra marry shortly after meeting since they were longing to settle.Shelby wants the same but Tyrel will not commit. He is more in love with Shelby than he has ever been with anyone yet he is always probing for another woman.Tyrel does not cheat on Shelby yet she cheats on him with Richard.Shelby has an abortion and still manages to end up with the male protagonist;s love.
The set was realistic;It was designed and built to give a rather vague idea of the were, when and what without intruding on the acting, it was more than sufficient yet it did not require more attention than the actual action as would be the case in a science fiction film.These choices worked well with the play and added to the realism and effectiveness of every scene.
Different color lights were used to set the mood.Brighter lights were used to emphasize certain scenes and also to steer the audience;s eyes towards certain aspects of the scenery.
Music was used before and during the more emotional scenes to set the mood.S


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