Frida Kahlo

Expressing yourself can be done in many different ways.Poets choose to write words that are sometimes almost like riddles.Sculptors mold their expressions into art in their own manner.A photographer takes pictures of the places, persons, or objects that he or she might feel expressing their point.A painter expresses themselves through a painting in a way they choose to freely let the mind take over and their hand do the job.All in all, they are all artists.An artist can let the imagination take over and express himself in this way.It's a gift that let's you escape and build your own world, let out your feelings and not say a word if necessary.A painting can be a way to escape reality or state the truth.
Frida Kahlo painted a lot of paintings based on herself in a very unique and remarkable way.Through her paintings she let us know what she was feeling.In 1926 she painted a painting entitled The accident.In this painting there are two buses that seemed to have collapsed.There are many injured people.The center of the picture illustrates Frida in a stretcher and reads "Cruz Roja" for Red Cross.She looks upon herself as in disbelief and remorseful.Frida painted this after having an accident that lead her to suffer from an injured vertebrae.
In her 1929 self-portrait she paints herself looking very strong.She wears a beautiful white blouse and jewelry.She paints the perfect lips and her unibraw.Her face seems agonizing, almost like she wants to cry but still strong.In the background there is a clock on top of many books.The clock can be a symbol of ticking time.Perhaps she felt that time was passing her by.The clock can represent a time span that she has set for herself for a goal.There is also an airplane out the window.The airplane is flying.It can be her sign of wanting to escape.Despite her injury a few years back, she looks strong and coping by sta


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