Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo the Artist
Frida Kahlo was a Mexican artist, famous for her self-reflective, Surrealist paintings. Frida Kahlo painting expresses many visions of her life. She dealt with a lot of pain that is seen in her artwork. She was born in Coyoacán Mexico in July 1907 and died from pneumonia complication in 1954 at the age of forty-seven. She was thefirst born to her father Guillermo Kahlo second marriage to Matilda Calderon her mother a Catholic Mexican.Frida's father was a Jewish-Hungarian immigrant photographer who was born in Germany. (The Knitting Circle Art, 1)
Frida's mother became pregnant after Frida's birth and therefore was unable to nurse Frida only a wet nurse. A wet nurse is a woman that would give breast milk to children who's birth mother was not able to breast feed.Because of this, Frida had a wet nurse and never felt truly connected with her mother. But Frida was really close to her father. In fact she was viewed as his favorite child.They spent a lot of time together and he taught her how to retouch photographs (Herrera, 14) During this time Frida has began to feel pain and this is seen in the picture she painted"Wet-Nurse" it illustrates a woman with a mask that is breastfeeding. Frida painted herself with the body of a young child, but an adult face. Looking at this picture you can see that the emotional attachment is lost.
Frida Kahlo contacted polio at the age of seven and suffered greatly. Frida was held back one year due to her sickness with polio. Her father took great care of her, but as she got better Frida's right leg had stopped growing.It was very thin and was stunned growth. She was nicknamed at school "Peg-Leg". This was the beginning of the rebellious Frida; she played with boys and had a boyish look about her but that would change over the years. When Frida was fourteen years old, Diego Rivera c…


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