A person's natural instinct is driven by the "pleasure principle."That is, the drive for immediate satisfaction, more specifically sex, food, and aggression.However, this is often looked down upon by society.If people are open about their sex life or their sexual desires, they are often thought of as perverted or obscene.The food that people eat is often controlled by what is considered "healthy" by society.People count calories and fat, and often end up eating something other than what they are really craving.They will substitute a carrot stick for a candy bar, but even after eating the substitute food, often still have their original desire for something sweet.Eating junk food is looked at as unhealthy and "bad" for a person.If a person gets into a physical fight with another person, many times they are taken to jail.Most people do not confront their anger, they simply keep it inside.Sometimes, they can vent it at a gym or by doing physical activity, but if they were to suddenly break out, they would likely be punished for it.An example that was given that also could let people "release" their desires is the game of football.The violence that is involved sort of allows the viewers to get rid of some of their own pent up frustrations.A person's inner most desires are suppressed every day.
All of these suppressed desires all must end up somewhere.Many times, individuals will keep it inside of them and repressed the memories and desires to whatever extent they can.The memories are "buried" deep within a person's unconscious and they make many efforts to forget about them by using "screen memories," or fake memories which block out their painful ones.However, these suppressed memories still affect people greatly.These memories, good or bad, often are revealed through a person's dreams.Individuals do not have as much cont…


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