Folk Art

The influence of Folk tradition on Afro-American poetry and the impact
on the major poets of the 21st century
A large of portion of American culture existstodaybecauseofthe
color that the AfricanAmericanshavegivenit.Withoutthesepeople,
American culture would have been quite different. Fromthetimethatthe
Africans were brought as slaves to America the traditions became known,and
though their forms of art evolved withthepassageoftime,theirfolk
The African Americans have been known fortheirmusic,artworkand
poetry. These have all largely depictedthetribulationsthattheyhave
been put through as people, illustrating the ways that theywereoppressed
by the whites. Although some of their expressionsareblatant,theyhave
largely succeeded in attracting an audience that consists of whites and non-
African American poetry appears to demonstratearelationwithits
folk tradition, and on the basis ofthisitisworthinvestigatingthe
relationship between African Americanpoetryandfolktradition.Itis
1. What kinds of themesarebasicallypresentedinAfricanAmerican
2. What purpose might they have served’
3. Are the themes in older poetry similar to contemporary ones’
Several African Americans have demonstrated a traditional approach to
their work, and since these appear to relate strongly to their messages,it
is may be said that folk tradition has had animpactonAfricanAmerican
Originally when the Africans were brought as slavestoAmerica,the
first form of expression that they brought alongwiththemwasspiritual
music. This music initially had nothing to do with theChristianityasit
is demonstrated later.Thismusicexemplifiedthefolklorethatwa…


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