Feng Shui

Feng Shui (pronounced "phung schway") means wind water. It is the
Chinese Art of Placement, which brings balance to the energy in an environment (also known as chi). Fung Shui is an ancient science which goes back at least 3 500 years. Feng Shui is based on the Taoist viewpoint of nature: including the Yin-Yang Theory and the Five Element Theory. Everything is made of chi or energy, which is organized into five elements: fire, water, metal, wind and earth. These elements are an important part in the Fung Shui way. Do not think of the five elements as still physical elements but energies. In Feng Shui the elements go a little beyond their importance, as we know it, for example fire is not just for warmth and light however in Feng Shui fire is the only element that has to be created. Fire burns and destroys many things and is also strong enough to destroy metal, which is another element. The nature of the fire element is always powerful. The Chinese people like energizing fire because it is full of the precious Yang essence, which brings good fortune. In Fung Shui, the element of fire is placed in the south corner of a room or house to bring in great success, fame and recognition. For the element of fire you can use a bright lamp, fireplace, candles etc.
The element of water is also quite similar to the element of fire because it too is extremely forceful.In Feng Shui water is to be place in the north part of a room to activate the energy, which, is to bring harmony and luck. For this element you can use objects such as an aquarium, fountains, or even the colours of water to place in the north section.
The element, which differs the most, is the element of wood. Wood is the only element which has a life of it's own. Wood symbolizes expansion, symbolized by the happiness of springtime when plants grow. This element can be placed in all corners of a room because it symbolizes growth. To represent the elem


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