Fashion designers design clothing such as coats, dresses, suits and other varieties of clothing.They prepare design sketches either by hand or on the computer.From these sketches the designs become the clothing.Designers find this job difficult but an enjoyable career.They enjoy making or designing clothes and seeing people wearing them.Many designers start out as an assistant designer to learn the basics of designing and process clothing.Then they advance to higher position as they gain more experience.In the U.S., the salary ranges from "$13,780 to more than $1 million" (Wallner, 4).The starting salaries for most of the designers are "between $21,000 and $30,000" (Schmidt, 6).Most assistant designers receive a salary of "$15,000 to $30,000 a year" (Giacobello, 16).The more customers buy their design, the more money they will earn.However, designers who have the most skills and are well known earn the most.
In the fashion business, designers compete with ideas.In order to be ahead of others, they must be observant, unique, creative and self- motivated.Thus, in order to succeed as a designer, one must go through schools of education, adapt to the career, and seek opportunities to advance.
To become a designer, it is best to begin at a young age and develop their talents. A fashion designer should be artistic and full of imagination and ideas.In addition he should be able to work hard, be open- minded to other workers, which includes self- motivation and the ability to work under pressure.Once such talents are discovered they should be developed in school.A high school diploma is required to enter college.In addition, students must take some classes to prepare to enter an art institute college.They should also take other academic classes such as "fine arts, home economics, mathematics, and chemistry to meet the requirement to obtain high school diplo…


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