Fashion: Extreme Identity in a Postmodern World

"Fashion provides one of the most ready means through which individuals can make expressive visual statements about their identities". (Bennett, 2005: 96). This statement will be discussed into more depth, as I research about extreme identities and how fashion can effect what is portrayed about oneself in a postmodern world.
Identity is one of the most undeniable and controversial concepts in the humanities and social science.Fashion implicates that we are continuously constructing and reconstructing our identities, and in doing so, the clothes we wear play an important role (Kratz & Reimer 1998).Identity is a negotiable concept, with many traditional, modern and postmodern views. The ninetieth- century, traditional view on fashion identity was uncontroversial. Identities were fixed and stable, there was no'identity crisis' you were all uniformed by class. By the twentieth- century modern views on fashion identity, had become more fluid, self- reflective, unfixed, influenced by the response of others, capable of evolving and being worked on. As Kratz & Reimer said'In modernity fashion had a societal function… people from the upper class could express their differences from other classes with the help of fashion, a fashion that when it trickled down, immediately was abandoned by that class…' (1998). For example by the time woman of small towns across Western World had gotten their homemade Paris-style dress ready, Paris was ready for a new season, and a completely new style all over again (Kratz & Reimer, 1998). This shows that fashion does not simply trickle down anymore; it trickles up as much as down. A twenty-first century Postmodern view, suggests fashion identity is unstable, an illusion, fragmented. We are lacking depth or substance in how we portray ourselves. Kratz & Reimer say in'Fashion in the face of postmodernity':
Postmodernism has impacted fashion, and has chan…


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