Equipment & Accessories Basic location

Equipment & Accessories Basic location
The range of equipment and accessories used for each photographic shoot will depend on various factors such as location, lighting, time limitations and quality of desired image. Also the type of shoots being undertaken. Such as Press, Wedding, Studio (Still life & portraiture) and Sports photography should be thought about and the equipment and accessories therefore need to be carefully chosen accordingly.
For example the 35mm SLR is a small camera, which has the bonus of being able to change both the lenses and film with ease and speed. It is easy to handle and has the option of additional features such as a motor winder and a camera flashgun. These might be used in press and sports photography when the action may happen quickly and only a small window may be available for images to be recorded and a larger medium format camera would not be suitable. (Zoom lenses would be used if action were at various distances). A range finder camera would be suitable if the shoot was one of reportage/ candid work. Or a standard 35mm camera with a wide-angle lens may do the job if action was shot indirectly.
The 35mm negative would produce images of enough quality for newspaper print. When shooting in a press and sport style environment a fast film speed should be chosen. This is because a faster film works faster in poor light conditions where a slow film will need better light conditions to work at the same speed. The slower the film speed the finer the grain quality (this should be taken into consideration).Also instead of a tripod, a monopod might be used as floor space maybe in great demand.
The Medium format camera offers a massive increase in quality of the image. When using this type of camera more time has to be allocated to each shot and should increase the photographer's control. This increase in quality, and also its portable format, makes the camera ideal for weddings and portrait


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