Elements of a short story

Abortion is a touchy subject, so why would such a great author like Ernest Hemingway himself write a short story over it? In a short story like this it is crucial to use multiple literary strategies and devices to make it a well-written piece. This story, "Hills Like White Elephants", is about a girl, Jig, and an American man who are both waiting at a train station while trying different beverages. Although not clearly stated, the two are fighting about abortion. The man wants her to have an abortion while the woman wants to marry and settle down. Hemingway uses several dynamic literary devices to make this a great piece of literature.
In this story, the two characters are essentially the main subjects. They are not described in great depth, but much can be interpreted about their characteristics through there dialogue. Jig, the girl wants to keep the baby and go on to live a normal life. After the couple speaks about the decision on whether or not to keep the baby the woman skeptically asks if he thinks they will be all right and happy.(Hemingway 2) Through these words the reader can infer that she desires to have the baby. She also worries about the future and realizes things will not be the same. Jig seems highly aware of the precipice on which she stands. (Henningfeld 2) She wishes that the American will marry her, they will return home, and they will establish a family. This is very true and seen throughout because of the way she does what the man wants in hopes that he will love her and start a family together.
The other half of the story is of course the "American…" (Hemingway1) He is of course the cause of all the conflict in the story. He wants the woman to have an abortion. (May 1174) He also says things like "I know you wouldn't mind it Jig, (Hemingway 2) which shows he wants her to go through this ordeal so things can b


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