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Imagine being in a position that gave you the power to inspire a race and gain the respect of another. Booker T. Washington, a prominent and extremely successful African-American had that opportunity. This opportunity came in the times of the emancipation of slavery. And when given the chance he excelled. In his book, Up from Slavery, Booker T. Washington exposes readers to the hardships he faced from the time he was a slave, until the times he became a leader among African-Americans. His book gives detailed accounts of his life, from afirst. It speaks of slavery, racism, triumph, and struggle, which all couldn’t overpower handwork. Hard working was something Washington believed in and was. The most in unheard voice at the time of slavery both past and present, was that of the African-American women. During these periods, female accomplishments were not recognized. These accomplishments have been brought forth for people to view them in one of many books. The book, Voice from the South, by Anna Cooper combines works of fiction, poetry, autobiographies, and biographies. Cooper was one of few black woman of her time to earn a Ph.D. She was a feminist who believed that women’s voices shouldn’t go unheard. The book displays great moments of triumph that conquer over hard bearing obstacles. The book is quite interesting one that focuses on black women’s writings in the nineteenth and twentieth century. The context however seems to jump around from subject to subject, which could often confuse the reader. This book seems to be drunk on syntax blind to semantics. In other words this book tended to use words that went around the subject.
These books try to focus on all aspects of the struggles of both women of color and of African Americans as a whole. A big difference between these books is the fact that one of the voices was heard while the other silenced. Though in times of racism, black males still received more respect then women. My …


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