Most people believe that all that is needed to produce a great drawing is a pencil and a piece of paper, which is true, but to produce a great drawing you need to use a combination of different pencils, blenders, erasers, papers, and other miscellaneous materials to increase the realism of a drawing.
There are many types of materials used for a drawing, as stated above,which brings out the effect that the object is really real. A pencil is the most important material used for a drawing besides paper,which I will talk about later. Pencils come in more than just an everyday number two, pencils come in multiple types from the hardness of the lead to what chemical the lead is made of. Pencils are lettered and numbered to let you know what kind of pencil it is. The pencil with the letter B has the softest leads,and the pencil labled 9B is the softest pencil which has been invented.Erasers are known by everyoneto get rid of unwanted or un-needed marks, but they are also used to bring out textures and special effects of a drawing. Blenders are used to create shadows and show where a dark color fades into a lighter color, and vice versa by balancing colors and keep proportion. Blenders come in many shapes, sizes, and purposes.The paper, of coarse, is what the drawing is drawn on. Paper, like the pencils and blenders,are created in different
sizes, shapes, kinds and purposes ( J.D. Hillberry 10-15).
The following materials are divided into different types for a specific reasons and uses in creating a drawing. Pencils are used to place a picture on a piece of paper or medium, but different types of pencils bring out how the picture will look when it is completed. Different types ofpencils, as stated earlier, are created with different types of leads or chemicals ( J.D. Hillberry 10 ). Leads vary from 4H, which is the hardest lead and produces the lightest color, to 9B, which is the softest lead and produces the darkest col…


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