The following paper will present aspects of two fictional plays compared to a

non-fictional play, The Laramie Project. The Glass Managerie and Death of a Salesman

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are both fictional works, but are reflections on the difficulties of life.

An author of a fictional play text uses plot, setting and characters to create

imagery and influence the reader’s response on how the author wishes the reader to

perceive a situation. An author can present his or her work to a reader or audience by
descriptions of any settings, detail of weather, characters stereotypical of society and
color association.
The author has an opportunity to be creative in his descriptions of characters.

Characters have certain features that all contribute to the ‘characters profile’. Their profile

can be built up using many methods as was done in . Each of the main characters

have a meaning to their name. For example, Willy Loman has connotations of a man who

has lost hope in life due to his mundane occupation and pursuit of the American Dream.

Hemaintains a low, depressed mood throughout the play.

Characters can also represent stereotypes of society from their attitudes and

behavior. In the play, The Glass Managerie the author presented the characters as

stereotypical of society with the female role of doing all the cooking and cleaning and the

male role of relaxing and having a good time while telling his wife what and not to do.

Arthur Miller deliberately makes him out to be a fool for the pure reason to

emphasizes his purpose – mock American society. Willy is wound up in his idea of being

‘well liked’ success, the materialistic version of the dream. By doing this, miller creates a

character that appears to be a pathetic character whom the audience pity and feel for.

Miller holds compassion for Willy. Willy has dreams thatare self


Willy clings to the idea of making…


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