drama improvisation

processes for the Elizabethan period
In this essay based on improvisation, and the process that we undertook in the play building process I will describe the processes and stages that we went through butfirst, the main period of time that inspired our drama play was Elizabethan, theater during the Elizabethan times was often based around the lives and deaths of monarchs (kings and queens). Our play relates to the conventions of theater at the time because it was based around monarchs.
The central purpose of this play was to point out the amount of superstition and envy that was often in the royal family but never seen by the public, as well as to entertain and educate the viewing audience about the Elizabethan times and what the Elizabethan plays were about and the sort of characters that were involved in these sort of plays: witches, kings, queens, princesses, soldiers, lady in waiting, and prince's. As well as any other characters that may be required.
The characters of out play are representative of characters of the sixteenth century because the witch planted a seed of ambition in the princess and the king goes off to battle, and the queen receives a report that the king is missing in action and presumed dead. The princess thinks that she should be the one to assume the throne because she is older than her brother but, when her brother is crowned heir to the throne the infuriated princess goes to the witch for a prediction of the future. This is where the witch plants the seed of ambition; this is an example of representation of characters of the sixteenth century.
The plot of our drama performance was a reminiscent of the sixteenth century because there are witches, but the main similarity between our play and a drama performance of the sixteenth century is that in the sixteenth century drama a monarch was usually killed, in our play a monarch was also killed, the monarch tha


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