Drama Coursework Assignment

The fifth year had seen a theatre production called Noises Off. The production was held in The Piccadilly Theatre on the 17th of September.
Michael Frayn and Jeremy Sams newly revised the play.
The play was about the cast of Noises Off performing another play,'Nothing On.' We, as the audience saw act one of the play three times but from different angles.
To begin with, you saw the cast rehearsing their play and what problems occurred when doing so. The second time you saw the play being performed but you would be seeing what happened backstage. Lastly, the play, "Nothing On" was performed to us as an actual production and we saw the final result.
Three very famous actors were in the play. Susie Blake who played Belinda Blair in "Noises Off" and the character, Flavia Brent in Nothing On, was also an actress in the feature length film, "Fierce Creatures". The actor who played the director throughout the play was called Peter Egan, his character name was, Lloyd Dallas. Another famous actor who had appeared in some well-known films was called, Chris Langham. He played the part of, Frederick Fellowes who then was the character, Philip Brent. Chris had appeared in films such as: "Monty Python's Life of Brian", "The Big Tease" and many more.
The stage was set out very differently each time the acts were shown. Seeing the back of the stage, the front and the final performance made it seem that they were using different stages for each of the shows performed. The use and position of the doors was typical of a farce play. The cast acting the play'Nothing On', moved very quickly. The play was all about couples staying for a weekend in a smart, sophisticated house. Neither of the couples were aware of the other people that were accidentally there too. They too also thought they were alone. This kept the audience on the …

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