Douglas Dunn and Trisha Brown

Douglas Dunn and Trisha Brown

Trisha Brown was born in 1936, in Aberdeen, Washington. She studied with Anna
Halprin, another famous dancer, while a dance major at Mills College. Trisha Brown went
to New York in 1960, and in 1962 became a founding member of the Judson Dance
Theater. A few years later she organized her own company, which was incorporated in
1970. In that year she also became a founding member of the Grand Union, an
improvisational dance theater company.
In her dances, Brown uses ordinary movements in extraordinary circumstances.
She works in structured improvisationand describes her choreographic approach as
similar to that of "a brick-layer with a sense of humor".
One of Trisha Brown'sfirst dances was called "Falling Duets" (1968). This piece
demands alertness, ingenuity and good reflexes as two performers take turns falling and
catching eachother.
` One of Trisha Brown's techniques is called "accumulation" .This is dancing like
adding links to a chain. Each movementis a new link and then the whole sequence is
repeated again from the beginning.Later on the dancer rotated gradually, eventually
making a 360 degree turn. The dancer also performed the chain in different positions
(propped up against the wall, on the floor). Then, sometimes, she would "de-accumulate"
by eliminating movements from the beginning of the phrase with each repetition.
In 1971 Brown's "Roof Piece", another famous piece, spread out over a twelve
block radius in lower Manhattan. Stationed on rooftops, the dancers relayed movements
from one to another trying to reproduce them with the least amount of distortion. The
unusual locations in her dances were used because they had effects on not only the
choreography but on the audiences perception as well. From 1968-1972, Brown
experimented with "equipment pieces". These enabled her to exploit …

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