Dorian Gray

The Picture Of Dorian Gray is quite an interesting book although it is hard to follow in some areas of conversations of characters such as Mr. Gray and Lord Henry. As the storyfirst enters the exposition, it is Lord Henry and a man by the name of Basil Hallward both in a studio in the city of London both conversing about a beautiful picture that Mr. Hallward had painted and how Basil must send it next year to the Grosvenor. They start debating on why Mr. Hallward would not exhibit his exquisite piece of art and his reply was, "I know you will laugh at me," he replied, "but I really can't exhibit it. I have put too much of myself into it." Basil names the painting Dorian Gray and does not feel comfortable telling Lord Henry because when he likes people immensely he never tells their names to anyone. He feels it is like surrendering a big part of himself if he speaks Durians name because he has learned to love in secrecy. After that long quarrel in the studio and garden in the shade of a tall laural bush filled white daisies in the grass, Basil explains on how he fell impetuously in love with Dorian Gary when there eyes met for thefirst time and how Basil had a strange feeling that fate had In store for him. He explained that he met him as he went to a crush at Lady Brandon's and things just escaladed from there. Lady Brandon is the one who basically introduced Dorian and Basil after they set eyes on each other.After he explains all this to Lord Henry, Dorian Gray enters they studio and Lord Henry meets the famous Dorian Gray he has been hearing much and much about lately. Basil says he would like to finish his portrait of Dorian, and while he is working on the picture portrait, Lord Henry keeps Dorian company by talking to him about how to cease the moment of being young and many other subtopics such as beauty and how it is the wonder of all wonders.
As Basil finished the painting, Dorian becomes q…


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