Donna Haraway Analysis of Haraway Primate Visions

Haraway deconstructs the institution of the museum and reveals thefissures
in the ideology of male discourse and the re-presentation of the worldfrom
a certain point of view and ideological bias. The museum acts as aformof
legitimization and as arealityconstructthatrepresentsthedominant
culture. Through a wide rangeofinteractingimagesandideas,Haraway
explores the museum as reality creating machinethatreflectspatriarchal
In theanalysisofAkeley’slife,Harawaypresents”polyphonyof
stories that do not harmonize”. (35)The concept of taxidermy servesasa
crucial fulcrum in this analysis; “Taxidermy was made intotheservantof
thereal’ artificial children,betterthanlife,werebornfromdead
The above statement epitomizes the tone and deconstructivenatureof
her central theme. This theme is thecreationorre-presentationofthe
real within the ideological format and parameters of thosewhopretendto
create. This is not only a deconstruction of the issues andambiguitiesof
a taxidermist’s life but also a dissection ofWesternculturalnormsand
values. Throughout the emphasis is on the fact thatnature,scienceand
themuseumaretechnologicalconstructionsthatarecreated through
ideology andsocial praxis’. Thedioramas aremeaning-machines’inthat
they areproductionsorcreationsthatreflectacertainideological
viewpoint and structure; and serve to legitimize and perpetuate thatworld-
Haraway states that Akeley’slife,ambitionandvocationwasthe
production’ of a craftfor elicitingunambiguousexperienceoforganic
perfection’. (39)The wordsproduction’and unambiguous’providesthe
clues to the essence of her understandingofthetechnologyofideology
that manufactures or produces a certainty and a version of reality.


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