don giovanni

Don Giovanni is centered around the main character, Don Giovanni, and his effects on the people surrounding him.Don Giovanni is a self-proclaimed lover who cannot resist in seducing women regardless of their availability.Some of the major themes of Don Giovanni are revenge and deception.
Revenge is one the more obvious themes of Don Giovanni and is emphasized by the characters, Don Ottavio, Donna Anna, and the Commendatore.This issue of revenge comes about after the masked Don Giovanni slays the Commendatore, Donna Anna's beloved father.Donna Anna makes Don Ottavio, her future husband, vow to avenge the death of her father by killing Don Giovanni.She does not know the exact identity of Don Giovanni but after meeting him later, she realizes that he is the one.This encounter increases Donna Anna and Don Ottavio's motivation to avenge the Commendatore's death.Ottavio had almost succeeded in killing Giovanni during the peasants' wedding feast but he managed to escape Ottavio and his sword.Ironically, the character that ends up fulfilling Anna's wish is the Commendatore who comes back to life in the form of statue.He dismisses Don Giovanni into the fiery pits of hell where he will forever experience the effects of his sins.
The character that fuels the theme of deception in Don Giovanni is Don Giovanni himself.He deceives everyone- from Masetto to his own servant, Leporello.Giovanni throws a wedding celebration for Masetto and Zerlina not because he is happy for the couple but because he wants to seduce Zerlina.Giovanni attempts to build Masetto's trust in him so that he will not suspect him of trying to win the affections of Zerlina.After Donna Elvira tries to tell Ottavio and Anna that Giovanni is someone who cannot be trusted, Giovanni tries to convince them that Elvira is insane in efforts to destroy her credibility.Giovanni wants to seduce yet another woman, this time the…


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