Directing Scene- The Dining Room

Having no previous directing experience I was not quite sure what to expect coming into this project.Having a primarily performance background in theatre I was somewhat nervous about having to now be the one giving the direction and instruction rather then taking it.I was, however, able to use my performance background to help me in directing the scene because I was able to think about the direction I was giving to the actors in more in terms of "what could a director do to help me understand this moment in the scene if I were acting in it?"I started the process by casting people in the scene based partially on who I felt would be able to be able to portray the character correctly and also partially on scheduling convenience.Having previously acting in scenes for directing classes, I knew from personal experience how difficult it could be arrange rehearsals around several people's busy schedules.I attempted to avoid this conflict by casting Becky Wilson and Chris Wood in my scene.I have seen both of them act in the past and felt they could easily carry the characters in the scene and I share a house with them so arranging times for rehearsals was a bit easier since I saw them both very often.
Once we started rehearsing the scene, I noticed that it was much easier then I had expected to convey my ideas about the scene to them.Atfirst I found it a bit difficult, being primarily an actor myself, to direct them with their lines and not simply say the line for them as I wanted it to be said.However, as we continued through our rehearsing, I was able to think of other ways to give them the idea of what I wanted from them.Becky and Chris were also very quick to adapt to what I was saying to them, which made my task a lot easier.Having been in productions where cast members just could not understand what the director was trying to say or were unsure how to change how they acted a scene, I knew that it w…


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