Diego Rivera

Cubism is an attempt to combine three-dimensional sculpture and two-dimensional painting.You have to imagine walking around an object and piecing it together from several different sides in order to decide what the artist is trying to do (Ernest Goldstein).
When Diego Rivera painted Zapatista Landscape in 1915 it was mistaken by many critiques to be a work of Picasso, who was a prominent painter of the time.Rivera spent 14 years in Europe studying modern art.Rivera's charm, talent, exaggerated stories, and shocking behavior, lead him to become known as the "Mexican Cowboy."
Diego Rivera painted the hardships of the Mexican people.He painted the history of Mexico and showed the many injustices that occurred.One of the most well known painter in Mexico and the world in the twentieth century.Rivera saw the Spanish, church, wealthy landowners, and capitalists as exploiters of his downtrodden people.A leader of the Mexican people, he inspired them to take pride in their heritage.Diego Rivera has painted portraits of famous writers like Martin Luis Guzman, who took part in the Mexican Revolution, and spent time with Rivera in Paris.From 1905 to 1918 Rivera studied modern art in Paris.Many of Rivera's exaggerated and false stories came back to haunt him.Mexican Indian artists had shown great force and genius.Like allfirst rate art, their work had been intensely local; it related to the soil the landscape, the forms, animals, deities, and colors of their own world.Rivera spent 1918-1920 studying renaissance work in Italy.Diego Rivera was ten when his family moved to Mexico City, where he enrolled in the Academy of San Carlos, a school for highly talented artists.Mural painting is designed for the people on the street you don't have to pay admission for it.Between 1920 and 1930, Mexico became a world center for art.Most artists during this time shared the belief for


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