Diego Rivera

I found “Flower Vendor” on the website.However, I can’t think of anything
Rivera would be thinking while painting this portrait.Perhaps, the
Significance, or what it meant to him had something to do with love.I don’t
Know, but the smile on the woman’s face makes her seem happy with what she’s
Doing.I notice she’s giving some of the flowers to the little girl that’s
On her knees (I’m assuming that’s her daughter) maybe it’s implying that by
Giving flowers to your loved ones might bring happiness into your life.This
Brings up the importance of sharing and giving in ones culture.I don’t
Know, but this painting can have various meanings.It can also be implying
That where he grew up, many people make a living by selling flowers, and
Although they’re very poor, they don’t let the poorness intrude in their
Happiness.That may be another reason why she’s smiling.And maybe he’s
Just amazed with how they’ve dealt with it.
I don’t know much of Diego Rivera’s history, so I’m not familiar about the
Difficulties and tragedies in his life.I tried to do some research, but I
Couldn't find anything that would help.I don’t know if what I’ve said makes
Any sense to you.However, I wont be surprised if it doesn’t, but that’s the
Way I seem to be interpreting this painting.


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