Development of Thetrical Text From Classical Period

Aristotle was thefirst person to describe theatre theory, he also was thefirst who social and spiritual interpretation of text. Hefirst classified, described and moreover produced a clear idea which way theatre is structured.According to Aristotle text is representation. It is important to look at the perceived reality and study it particularly. Aristotle rejected Plato's theory of forms and moved to the theory being. He did so by observing reality, analyzing it and finally classifying. For Aristotle poetry is an object of studying like any other phenomenon, it is a useful representation (involving intellectual process, process of identification) of reality, it arouses emotion and brings purification of reality. Poetry represents what people would say or would do, thus clarity of causes and effects. Tragedy, through pity and fear, accomplishes the catharsis of emotions. Tragic catharsis, however, cannot be reduced to the purgation of the emotions. As Aristotle put the catharsis clause at the end of the definition of tragedy, catharsis must be the final cause of making tragedies and represent the proper effect of the tragedy. On the other hand, catharsis as purgation of emotion is an automatic process on the side of the audience after they feel pity and fear and is not characteristic of tragic performance. Aristotle argues that comedy imitates the action of men worse than ourselves.
However, not every kind of fault but only the ridiculous, which is a species of the ugly should be imitated in comedy.This ridiculous is a kind of mistake which is not painful or destructive. Aristotle also argues that the pleasure derived from the double construction of plot (poetic justice) belongs rather to comedy than tragedy. Tragedy imitates the action of superior people is a generic specification concerning what tragedy imitates and not a requirement concerning what tragedy should imitate. Similarly, not only the ideal comedy, bu…


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