Development of Perspective in the Renaissance

An understanding of this new interplay of technology and science helps us to understand the emerging interdependence between instrumentation and representation inherent in perspective. It has been shown that the origins of perspective are integrally linked with a redefinition of knowledge that began in the latter thirteenth century and continued on. The creation of perspective in relation to the importance of the developments during the Renaissance period has an enormous impact on the tools and methods that we still see today, in sciences and arts, to name just two areas. The effects of perspective were wide spread and allowed technology to advance at a much faster rate as understanding came more fully about the world around and this led to new links between observation and representation. But from what we know it wasn't until the 1550's that a treatise explained the why, how and wherefores of the origin and implementation of perspective. During thefirst half of the fifteenth century when Brunelleschi, Alberti and others were establishing its principles, nothing precise appears to have been written on its origins. Afirst mention occurred in Filarete's Treatise on Architecture (1464), who believed that Brunelleschi's demonstration involved a mirror, but offered no clue why he began his studies. Manetti, in his Life Of Brunelleschi (1482-1489), implied that perspective arose from architectural interests but did not elaborate. Luca Pacioli, in his Summa (1494), mentioned the use of perspective in contemporary painting but was silent about the question of origins. Thefirst half of the sixteenth century brought no serious change. Pelerin (1505), Pacioli (1509), Ringelbergius (1535) in their treatises on perspective referred mainly to an artistic context but made no mention of Brunelleschi, Alberti or Filarete. Thus we come to Vasari's Lives of the Artists (1550). He looked for the origins of perspective in pai…


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