Comfort & Design
As far as comfort and design the center I attended has many positive findings to report. The entire center all was on one floor with appropriate temperatures through out the building. In the rooms there was child size tables, chairs, and play equipment. The children were always encouraged to clean up after play so that they could avoid tripping and other injuries in the room. I also noticed that children had their own cubby labeled with their name.
Security/Safe Facility
The majority of the things I saw in the center revealed it was a safe and secure place for the children to learn. All cleaners, medicine, and the teacher's belongings were located in a cabinet away from the children's playing areas. In the play area all of the toys were checked before children began playing and were appropriate to their age group. In the room I observed in the teacher had prepared themes that worked in all of the centers. The day I visited they were focusing on "pets" so centers were set up so that it appealed to all of the multiple intelligences. I did not get a chance to witness a fire or storm drill but the teacher informed me that they did take place through out the year. Electrical cords were always tucked around and under the carpet so that they were not in children's site. The ceilings, floors, and walls all looked safe.
Equipment and Toys
In the art area all the materials that were used were non-toxic and appropriate for their age group. Most of the containers were plastic with lids for toy and supply storage.

Something that I was concerned about was the lack of coverings on the door hinges and joints. There was a reading area with flame resistant materials, such as big pillows, blankets, etc.There were no toy guns or balloons allowed in the room.
Hallways & Stairs
At center I visited there were no stairs. There is a glass office by the entrance so that all visitors can be seen upon entrance. …

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