Deprivation causes creation (minimalism in art forms)

In today's society reaching new and diverse heights is what differentiates one from the other. Creating an idea or style that an audience or market has never been introduced to can begin a new and ever-changing revolution. Ever since minimalism was discovered, one's views on certain aspects of society have dramatically changed.
During the 1960s, minimalism wasfirst introduced in the United States (Berne). Since this idea was extremely foreign to Americans, the curiosity caused the economy to boom. Most art, music, and literature of the earlier days was complex and confusing for the spectators. Minimalism, on the other hand, was simple and reached a broader audience, precisely why the discovery was so successful (Berne). The lack or absence of some idea or meaning became the prime definition of minimalism.
Today, one of the most popular intellectual achievements that can attain minimalist features is visual art. Being minimal in art can cause a viewer to focus on the true meaning of the work. When this idea of a new and refreshing style of art was introduced, it was like no other. Art has never before been so uncomplicated. This unique design has an absence of decoration and clutter (Hubbard). Unlike prior art, this is a return to "bare essentials" such as "pyramids, cubes" and other "geometric volumes" (Hubbard). Painting in general explores "subtle gradations of single hues on a monochrome canvas" (Struble 321). One would think some of the designs were created by a child because of the playful figures. This is somewhat the artist's goal, which is to create a piece that is simple and easy to comprehend. Also, color plays its own role in minimalist works of art. Most often the artists choose primary colors, such as black, white, red and green. Occasionally, artists will also use bright and pastel colors to add a touch of spunk to the piece (Hubbard). Other names in which th…


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