death of a salesman review

Play Analysis
Dramaturgical Research:

Thefirst review that I found was a review done by the Washington Post.Lloyd Rose wrote it.It was printed in the Post on February 11, 1999.This review deals with the performance of Death of a Salesman directed by Robert Falls.This performance was done at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre.
In the review, Rose talks about the plot of the play and how the director, Robert Falls, decided to focus on Biff's story as the one that drives the play.Rose says, "I've never seen the play done like this before, and the emphasis on the son's dilemma revolutionizes it."Rose fells that the play is very powerful but unstable, as a play about Willy.He says that Willy's predicament is brought on himself.Willy acts like he is such a good man but he teaches his children to lie, steal, and cheat to get what they want.He also says that with all of Willy's flashbacks, the play is very hard to follow.But if the emphasis of the play is on Biff's story then it is very easy to follow.
Rose fells that focusing the interpretation of Biff's story, "not only gives the play more narrative strength, it gets around the productions biggest weakness, which is Dennehy's performance as Willy.Rose felt that Dennehy didn't play the part of Willy to a whole.Rose feels that Dennehy can't show the pain that Willy feels in the play.Rose feels that Kevin Anderson, who plays Biff, carries the whole play."Anderson is terrific throughout the entire play."
In all Rose was amazed by the play.He was amazed with the way it was directed, performed by certain actors, and how the director interpreted the story.
The second review I read was a review from the USA Today paper.It was written by David Patrick Stearns and printed on February 11, 1999.This review deals with a production of the play on Broadway.Stearns fells that Death of a …

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